Monthly Archives: September 2004

Sunday September 26, 2004

Only 11 hours today. Not bad. But what made me really happy was that I wiggled my way out of going to work early tomorrow. Now I can go to church!

These bones, they ache with holy fire.

Oh, and my arm is starting to scar up.

Friday September 24, 2004

Here I am again, in that old place again, down on my face again.
Crying out, I want You to hear my plea, to come down and rescue me.
How long will it take, How long will I have to wait.

Cause all I want, is all You have,
come to me, rescure me, fall on me,
with Your love
And all You want is all I have,
come to me, rescue me, fall on me,
with Your love.

Come to me, rescue me, fall on me, lavish me, randsom me, walk with me, rescue me. With You love.