Monthly Archives: May 2007

Thursday May 31, 2007

Tonight I met Sierra Dan. He was really impressed with me. And I am confused.

Sierra Dan is a man about 70, wearing a vertical striped cowboy shirt, and has a tan hat pinned full of earing that he has made. With an old face and a friendly personality, at first you are thinking that the man is just being a strange old man when he asks Kelly for her birthday; he turned her answer of November to 11 and some how adds her day to make nineteen. I am now confused, slightly scared, and certain that he isn’t going to leave anytime soon. After he gets her year, he gives a word of knowledge and prophetizes.

Now I am just curious. I am no longer afraid, just wondering how he is doing it. I mean… What does it mean to be prophetic? Does it mean that you have the “spiritual channels” in your body/mind for the any of the spiritual realm to fill? Or God only tracks and does God give words of knowledge to people that aren’t Christians? Or is he spiritually pulling seeing things like reaching out an arm and grabbing what he can find? I mean this man was speaking things that he shouldn’t haven’t know just from the way we were dressed or our conversations. What he said was true, but how did he know?

I just don’t know…

What do you think…?