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Tuesday February 28, 2006

…and I shall recant for you a great battle of the Founder. The mighty man was resting in his house and it was getting late. The sun had gone down many hours ago, but he only knew that by how long he had worked. The land was besieged by a horrible storm, the sun has been hidden from view for two solid days. The Founder was tired, for he has fought in a battle far away (which is told in another story), and had to travel for many days to return home. He was ready for bed. He laid down and slept.
The storm saw this and was jealous. She worked herself in to a fury and breathed life into items around our Founder’s house and they came to life. ‘My children, awaken and demand that all honor me,’ the storm howled, as she started to pound with mighty fists on our Founder’s house.
As our Founder was roused from his slumber, war-weary and angry. ‘Who disturbs me in my own house?’ he bellowed. Quite followed. The softly he heard, ‘We wake you! Honor our Mother, Queen of all Storms!’
Our Founder put on his house clothes, and looked outside. His lawn furniture was moving on its own! He had seen some strange happenings in far-away lands, but nothing so close to home.
‘Be awake and honor our Mother! Trees sway and fall at her words,’ praises for the strength of the storm were sang in high voices, while the storm herself pounded on his house.
‘Go to sleep, all of you. I will not honor your Mother. Good night.’ And with that the Founder went back to bed. But not for long.
He was soon awakened but not only the storm beating his house, but also his lawn furniture. He dawned his house clothes and shoes and a jacket and went outside. He was pushed back and rain hit his face. In no time at all his pants and shoes were soaked. His lawn furniture was throwing themselves against his house. The storm sounded a single laugh, loud and harsh, and continued hitting the house and now our Founder.
Our Founder knew that if he could take down the ringleader of his furniture he would be alright. He looked to each piece.
First the four chairs, the shuffled around a little, but they weren’t doing much or saying much. The he looked at the table, it was moving around more, being a little more vocal, but it wasn’t the one. The umbrella, she was the loud one, moving the chairs and the table, making them talk and hit the house. She was the one that the storm chose to be her favorite. He turned his face to the black clouds.
‘Stop or I will take her away,’ he said, only to be answered but another thunderous laugh. He grabbed the umbrella and wrestle the storm. She blew and yelled, and hit him with hard cold rain and her huge fists. The umbrella twisted and pulled away, and refused to be controlled. Time came to a stand still as they match came to a draw. There was nothing happening, the storm and umbrella matched the mighty strength of the Founder. He was tiring and knew that something had to change. He let go. The umbrella was confused by this and stood still. The storm threw more water in glee at her victory. The Founder ran inside sopping wet, grabbed his knife and returned to the door. The umbrella made a lunge at the returning hero and missed.
‘Wind, Rain, Clouds, this is where it ends,’ the Founder said as he aptly leaped over the fallen umbrella and grabbed it by it middle section. ‘Leave me to my sleep,’ he said as he deftly cut the cord that gave the umbrella her strength. He folded her up and walked back into the house. He laid back in bed.
The storm blew and rained harder, but the Founder knew she was no match for his house  and soon fell fast asleep.

Tuesday February 28, 2006

I bought a CD today. Off of iTunes. Andrew would remember the “Are You The Walrus” song. Well I got that CD. It also has “Fluorescent Jellyfish” on it. Yep…

I also got the firefly season to work on my computer. Stupid thing worked on my work computer no problem, but my home one? Sheesh…  Now all I need to do is get the pilot episode. And some how get the sound to play in Quicktime. Then the fun begins…

Oh and my last post was one that I ended up writing it three times. This was the first, myspace the second, and 360 is the best and most honest.

I like this picture

Sunday February 26, 2006

Isn’t really what I feel like right now.

I need another day of my weekend. Another day to do something fun and crazy. I wonder if Twain Heart Lake sells season passes… I would love to get one and then spend my days after work swimming and trying to find something interestion in that glorified mud hole. Maybe sneak a spear in there, and get arrested. Or bury something cool in the mud. Make an underwater fort. I don’t know. Maybe I will just go to the swimming hole and stay till after dark and hike the other way out…

What a mood I am in. My dreams and hobbies are there, just I can’t do them right now… Not enough money for banjo parts, not the right weather for atlatls, and too cold to go swimming.  Dodge is off my list as fun things to do this year, the snow isn’t good enough to go. The winter just seem too short for that. I think we have had weather of above eighty for atleast five days straight both of the last two months…

Oh well…

Sunday February 26, 2006

Freakmonky. I am so tired. It has been a long weekend, with two birthday parties with over fifty people at each. Just insane. Today’s mexico meeting went rather well, we got quite a bit done and it seemed to be productive time. If you guys could pray for us that would be great

Stupid basketballs! The heck!
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