Monthly Archives: January 2005

Sunday January 30, 2005

I watched Matchstick Men tonight with sonja andrew, and carlie. A movie, which in the beginning seemed light and semi-artisie, turned dark and gut wrenching in the middle. It ended on a bittersweet note, though bittersweet isn’t quite the right word. A feeling of seeing a friend that hurt you bad, but still love is what I felt. I am not sure that I like the movie, it affected me too much in the gut.

Saturday January 29, 2005

Ah! It finally happened. I am done! I throw my hands up in frustration. No more, I say, no more! Please! I am so tired of hearing stupid quotes! Something so underground and cult-ish as been mainstreamed. Not sold out, nothing to do with the makers, but now everyone knows about it. I am tired. I am done. No more, please.

Friday January 28, 2005

I bought a joystick today, and my favorite game will not play on my computer!!! I am sad! I think the sound card it the only thing that doesn’t work. I want to play TIE Fighter. It is soo fun. I miss it. Well I am going to go and play X-wing Alliance. I will have to do.