Monthly Archives: December 2005

Monday December 26, 2005

Well I have been traveling a lot in the last few days, and will travel some more tomorrow. It is time to go pack. So I wish you all a happy New Year, and if I don’t find a computer before then I will leave you with this; “and then with thunderous praise and lofty adoration, a second passes, yet nothing changes.”

Monday December 26, 2005

So I drove a lot this Christmas. I couldn’t find my Aunt Cathy’s house so I just drove home. My First Christmas dinner all by my lonesome. I had some of those crazy noodles, some polish sausage, and some mac and cheese sauce. It wasn’t that bad. Oh and I got a power drill for christmas. I am going to have some fun with that. I wonder if they would let me take it on the plane.

Saturday December 24, 2005

Yesterday I went down to SF. Saw the wax men, and instead of having a guy singing there was one playing the flute. Ate soo much food it wasn’t even funny. Um… I drove to Weed today and am there now. Going to stay till christmas then I am going to drive down to stockton and then go home. Then I am going to work for one day and then drive to San Jose, and then fly out to KC, MO. Then I will fly back and go to work the next day. Yep. Sounds fun.