Monthly Archives: June 2006

Friday June 30, 2006

Tonight was good. It was peaceful, and I could relax. The drive up, talking about music and listening to the new Brian Johnson CD, was all good. Losing at Bananas and Rummy, it was all good. Listening to music, listening to stories, eating meat and eating smores, was what I needed.

Taking pictures in the dark parking lot at work, wondering it I was going to get jumped. It was all good.

Wednesday June 28, 2006

As for those who don’t know. I am going to china.

And I need money.

I need to raise a thousand dollars by the 15th of July. So if you want to give me money, all my xanga friends, you can email me and we can talk

I got ate alive by fish today. And they hurt. Silly little bluegill.

Tuesday June 27, 2006

Dreams seductively stroke my face in the night air, waiting to be inhaled deeply – my summer love’s perfume. The sleep in my body caresses my shoulders, hands that will submission of peaceful rest to places ever moving. She comes and we sleep.

I am comment number nine on david crowder’s latest post.

PS. Give me money, so I can go.

Sunday June 25, 2006

Bob is a fish. Bob has a bob. Bob is called Bob because of the bob. I was at The Lake of Freezing Water, almost in after thirty minutes of working myself in. Catherine said, hey andrew, do you want a bob, cause there goes on. And sure enough, there went a red and white float underwater. There wasn’t a current and the bob was moving along the shore. Catherine suggested that a fish must be attached to it. I moved to it and it took off. Quickly Jof! I called, throw me my mask and fins! I said, here goes everything and dunked myself under. I came back up and donned my gear and set out on a hunt for the bob. In no time I found him.

An epic battle ensued.

And Bob ran away.

So the hunt was still on. I went to the other side of the tiny beach that we were at. The water clarity wasn’t that good, so I dove down about eight feet to take a look down there.

But then I died. Not like I did last year, this was like getting slapped. So I got slapped. Everywhere. The water down there was about 53 degrees. I couldn’t move, and my head hurt.

Bob got away.