Monthly Archives: August 2014

Yet another update post

So…  how’s it going?

That’s good.

I’ve been good. Some things are a little different around here. The girlfriend that I went to visit in my last post (way back in February) parted ways. That was sad and good and stuff, and it’s been a good long while since then.

Six months have been quite a while.

I started working out, joined a gym and hired a trainer. I’ve learned a lot and really enjoy it. I’ve also lost some weight and have gotten stronger, so that’s nice.

Um… what else?

I’ve been making wines all this year. The Black Currant is pretty amazing, and I just made some peach and some plum wines. It’s nice to be able to taste something that you’ve made and aged.

Oh, I sliced my hand open and had to get some stitches. I just got them pulled out yesterday, and my hand feels much better now. It’s still got a lot of healing to do though…

The Destiny beta came and went and I played it. It was pretty amazing and I’m counting down the days until September 9th. That’s a pretty special day this year: Destiny comes out, Captain America 2 comes out, the new iPhone gets announced. All around a good day. I might even take it off of work.

Oh, and I’ve also sort of become a comic book nerd. Or a Marvel nerd. I read the comics for Guardians of the Galaxy before the movie came out, and loved it. I’m currently reading through a huge story arc right now and I’m quite enjoying the Marvel Cosmic universe. And, FYI, the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is amazing – probably one of the best this year.

There’s tons more going on, but I can’t think of anything now.

Nice talkin’ to ya!