Monthly Archives: July 2008

Life in Paradise

Day 2 Saturday – 11:49 PM

I excessively freaked out about a shark yesterday. In the late afternoon a bunch of us went out to the reef. The reef consists of about 100 yards of mid-calf deep water separated from the main ocean by a barrier reef. We were just kind of walking around and talking, and Hans mentioned that sometimes baby sharks would ride the surf up into the shallows and eat fish. Just as he said that he looked out and there were some out there.

Some of us wanted to get closer and see them, and a long story short I ended up about 15 feet from one was, and was swimming and came really close to me. I yelled and yelled again. But the shark was gone. That thing was so fast that it was about five feet from me and gone by the time I could yell. It was amazing.

Today, I cleaned and went to the airport to greet the rest of our group and pick up one of them. Since the house is on a Motu (a little island that once was reef) and the airport is on another, we take a boat. It is really strange to get sprayed with water that is salty.

It was good to see everyone and once we got back I grabbed my computer and hopped back into the boat and went with Hans and Bertrian to the main island to checkout the internet. Long story short, I still don’t know what is gone on with the internet. It sucks. (<- Pray for internet). After that, I came back, played chess (okay, lost at chess), helped more with the internet, helped cook, and helped fix the water pressure pumps. Came back and played more chess (okay, lost even more at chess), played cards, and just kicked it with some really cool people. Now I am tired and am going to bed. See you later!

I’m alive!

Day 1 Friday – 2:30pm

Wow. Crazy day(s). I have been up for 12 hours already today. I got 4 hours of sleep and woke up at three, stayed up to the equivalent of midnight. I was woke up five hours later at 2 in the morning. I think that ads up to something like 9 hours of sleep in over 48 hours.

The trip was good. The drive was fun, a “warm=up” sit in preparation of the longer one. We parked the car at some random lot and left the keys with the attendant.

We wandered around LAX for quite a while and just played around. Hopped on a plane and sat for another 8 hours. It’s great, people bring you food, there is TV to watch, the person in front of you wants their head in your lap… All fun stuff of flying internationally. I watched the Little Mermaid (in French) and missed Lindsey.

We landed in Tahiti and Jordan almost got sent right back out. After some prayer and some stressing, we got it all worked out. We wondered around the airport a little, and found a place to sleep. Yes, you heard me right, we did sleep in a foreign airport. It wasn’t that bad, besides the other planes arriving, the impromptu concert, and the cigarette smoke.

I woke up when Jordan’s alarm went off at 5 – if it was in california. it was the loudest think at 2 in the morning. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that.

I did a lot of waiting. Waiting for 5 to come, waiting for 5:40 to come. It was all great 🙂 (sarcasm).

We almost died when we tried to land on a different island on the way to Bora Bora.

Bora Bora is amazing – Not only do I get to see and hangout with people I really like, it is an amazing place. Earlier I was in some flats close to barrier reef, and I could look back towards the center of the island, and I could swear I was on Lost.

It is super windy right now, so swimming isn’t all that fun. The visiablity is down to like 5 inches. Not all that fun to snokel in. But this trip is and will be the trip of my life time.

I’ll talk to you guys next time I have a chance.

My Busy Life!

This last weekend was amazing. I have no words to describe it.

Right now I am looking at the clock, I am all packed and there is only 5 hours of sleep left. God is good.

Tomorrow I wake up around 330 to get ready to leave the country for 13 days. I am going to Bora Bora to swim, take pictures, and seek adventure.

If you would be as so kind as to pray for me and Jordan while we are gone, that would be fantastic!

See you on the other side of the world.