Monthly Archives: November 2004

Monday November 29, 2004

Well let us see… How many movies have I watched this weekend? Santa Clause 2, Happy Gilmore, Mr. Deeds, Havana Nights, Mulan, When Sally met Harry (or the otherway around), Half of Species 2, and most of Species 3. I think that is it. 8. Not bad. I saw a few on thursday too. I was bored what can I say?

Thursday November 25, 2004

I guess I should have a Thanksgiving post. So here it is.

So… I am tired. I got home about a half an hour ago. I do have a new problem in my life. I need a new car, so I have been praying that God will get me a car. So on monday or so my mom called me (she doesn’t know  how my car is doing) and asked me if I need a new car. My Auntie Steph is selling a ’89 Nissan Centra or somthing, for around 1,200 dollars. My dad said that that would be good, but since I can’t afford it he said that I should take the Honda that we have. It is around the same year and it need some work. But it is safer to drive than my car. The Honda needs some new half-shafts and it is having some “blow-by”. I don’t know what that means besides that we will have to replace the rings in it some time in the near future. All the work plus some wouldn’t even be about half of the cost of the Nissan. So that is what I think I will do. I think I will get the Honda for free and just put money into it, instead of having to have all the money at once to buy the car. But I am open to your advice.

Yeah, well, um…. Yeah that was it. I am not changing my pic for a while. At least until the next post.