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Wednesday February 28, 2007

So it took me an hour and half to drive what normally takes me fifteen minutes.

After a steak dinner and a little women style walk with three and half of my good friends, I decided to go home. So at ten-twenty I left and I drove. Slowly, for sure, there was about two to three inches of snow on the ground. Nice dry slippery snow. I got about a third of the way before the cop asked me if I had chains. I cannot lie “I have not chains!” The cop ruled that I can not proceed without such things, for there was four to five inches now. I turn back from my journey home in confusement. “What shall I do? I shall go get my chains out of my old car!”

As I drive back down the hill to go get my chains, I pass a road and epicness hits me. Visions of people saying “you did what?” in utter shock and me laughing saying “I did. I drove Ward’s Ferry to Yosemite to home.” Since that was a rather long vision, I missed the turn and kept going. A stray thought passed through my head, a news story about some young man getting lost and never being found… I didn’t like that one and since I was already halfway to my parent’s house to get my chains, I figured I should go with my original plan.

As I was on one of the back streets, after commanding a car that they better not stop a few times, I was enjoying the fact that I was the only one driving on the two inches of snow there. Suddenly my phone rings, at eleven o’clock at night! Eleven o’clock! No one calls me, much less that late, and never a girl. Or two for that matter, wanting to see me. Since apparently I just passed them a minute prior, I whipped my car around and went and said hi. That is pretty much what I said, since I was rather anxious to get home.

I got my chains with none the wiser and said good bye to the girls and made my way a long twenty miles to my house. Much driving sideways happened, since driving on driven snow is not as much fun or as easy as driving one fresh untouched snow. But plowed snow is better than snow that has had almost everyone in the county drive on.

I finally got to my house and found out that the snow was only about three inches from the bottom of my door, and my undercarriage was dragging on the snow.

I measured the snow.

Seven inches deep.

Okay… The only thing I miss on my old car is the clearance.

Monday February 26, 2007

I think it is time to post again.

Last Wednesday I hit and killed a deer. And I posted about it. Most of you actually thought that I was saddened by the death of the deer, but I was not. I was more saddened by what the deer did to me. To my new shiny car. I got the damage estimated at $4319.39.
And more than the damage done, I was wondering why did it happen. A good friend gave me a scripture, and that didn’t help any. All I can say is that it is done, and I can’t worry about why it happened. Questioning why isn’t going to change anything.

Also driving back from getting my car in the first place, down in Santa Ana, I noticed it over-heating. It had no coolant. So on Friday, the mechanic told me that I had no external leaks. I thought that was what happened, since there was a recall on some of the parts of the car, cooling system specific. He told me that I had a head gasket problem, and they needed to be replaced.

Added to the stress of being slightly understaffed at work last week was: 

  1. Arranging the time to go to the mechanic’s forty minutes away.
  2. Hitting a deer on my way to the mechanic’s and spending my time wandering around and checking out my car to see if it was drivable.
  3. Rescheduling the mechanic’s
  4. Filing a report with my insurance
  5. Adding my car to my insurance
  6. Having the insurance company say that the car is not on my insurance.
  7. Taking time off work and going to the mechanic’s
  8. Him taking a little long than expected…
  9. Him telling me that my headgaskets needed to be replaced.

Yeah. Lots of fun.

But for the good news…

  1. Headgasket replacement was free.
  2. The deer is dead.
  3. I get my car tomorrow

Wednesday February 21, 2007

I ended a life today.

Why do things like this seem to come all at once.
Maybe I have just been trained to find how things impact people, having to think of all the people that will have to touch a person and how many processes it really is.
Now I feel everything on me, new things at work, old things at work, projects due, spiritual things I am going through, and now this.