Monthly Archives: May 2006

Tuesday May 30, 2006

An average everyday post.

The beauty of the drive.
    Summer should be here, but spring is still in her place. The coolness in the air penetrates even my stuffed up nose. I can’t smell the grass, not the flowers, or the moisture in the air, but I can taste them. My nose is longing for the dry, free flowing air of summer, and my mind is enjoying this brief respite. My car starts moving down the road, and oh the glory, oh the peace! For my car is running fine after some light maintance. The power! The smoothness! And the open road ahead of me!
    Such a perfect day, no cars in front or behind, no time constraints, and no worries. I could drive as fast or as slow as a want. I could speed around the corners at 70 mph, or take them at 20 depending on my slightest whim. What a lovely flower, let’s slow down and take a gander; Oh my favorite streach of road, let’s enjoy it.
    Only on rare days when the stars align, does a day come like this one. Could it be the rest that I got last night, my spirit waking up ready for the road an hour before my body’s needs were taken care of?
    Well, tomorrow awaits. Who knows if it shall be a good drive. Or one of lack of sleep, frustration at the time, and the bus in front of me. Tomorrow is an early day though, and on those days I tend to be a little earlier when I leave.

    As for life? It is spring, with summer close on his heels. And love? Spring brings his gifts, but his aren’t always the best. And why? Why not?

Saturday May 27, 2006

Since I have been house sitting since wend. night, I haven’t been home. I missed my computer.
Only cause it has the internet. My other one has Lost on it though. It is grand. The second season is like wow. My Mom is buying me the second season for my birthday, which is rather funny, since it doesn’t come out until like four months after my birthday. Oh I read the lion witch and wardrobe. That is a rather short book. Hmm… I got a grad invit from someone I can’t remember who they are. Sad. I know I have some family up there. I think my step cousin’s daught is who it is. But I can’t remember. Silly me. Well Now is a good time to go and throw some sticks around.

Wednesday May 24, 2006

“There was no thought of running away, only of witnessing the last great miracle of Twentieth-Century science play itself out under pelting rain and lightning in a dark age forest.”

Monday May 22, 2006

The best vegetable in the whole world.  I say that about almost every single one, but I say that about this one the most.

I think that will be it. What are your opinions about artichokes?