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Crazy Buliwyf… Trix are for kids

So my computer did this strange thing. I was burning a cd (Mike Bickle on Meekness) and it did something really strange. Look at the picture to see if you can tell what is wrong with it.

Funny Stuff
Hint: I have a laptop.

Did you see it?

The strangeness?

The TWO cds in my 1 cd drive of my laptop? Crazy eh? Sometimes I wonder what my computer is thinking…

Anyway. I just wanted to explain why my post have been a little different lately. While I love Xanga and I love blogging I have been having a hard time keeping up blogging on a regular basis. I have had my Personal blog for a while (Andrew Myers Photography), it has been horribly neglected. So when this rash of new posting has come to my head (then from my head to my finger) I thought I would give my WordPress blog some love.

I love WordPress, there is just so much functionality that I have missed when I used xanga. Don’t get me wrong. I am going to miss all my friends and easy of networking. But then I found this awesome plugin for my WordPress, it allows me to write a post in WordPress and post it in Xanga. So I can keep you guys all in formed without having to fully manage two blogs.

Yes I still read my Xanga Subscriptions and comment them. And apparently I need to make more comments:

TRUE Member?

Million Dollar Man, or A Meeting With Lady Philosopher…

I had the most crazy talk today.

With a woman.

In a laundry mat.

She was older, probably 40s to 50s, and “someone who was always interested in ideas, and how we got them.” She wore blue, and was on the phone talking about Hitler, law, and some other things. I had just finished reading my homework for English; part of it was an article about the Stanford Prison Experiment and I thought she would like to read it if she hadn’t already. I opened the discussion asking if she had a paper she was writing.

She said no and the quote above before asking me a question: “Does I relate our legal system with justice?”

We talked about it. She loved my answer of “our legal system exist because our idea of justice.”

I loved the talk. It was amazing, and amazingly short. It felt good to “dance” around mentally again. It has been a long time. Even though in the first 7 minutes she brought up the “free will vs predestination” topic.

There was a point where we were just about to shift into high gear. A pause of breath or a gathering of thoughts before a larger topic or a paradigm was confronted. At that point she asked if I could stay a while. I looked at the clock and I realized I was getting a headache from not drinking any water after the gym, and I was hungry, and I should go home and take a shower. I mention that I could stay for about 15 mintues. She was visibly saddened, but when I mentioned how much and how far we have covered in 5 minutes or so, we continued.

We talked, and she came to a point where she said “people have these ideas and they are set in concrete. And people don’t like changing them. And I don’t feel like taking you down that path.”


I wanted to say “I’m ready. I can handle anything you throw at me. I want to hear what you have to say. I am open to ideas that are new. My core beliefs are deep enough that you probably won’t shake them.” But I knew in her heart she felt like she wasn’t supposed to share them with me.

(Sidenote: When I mentioned human nature referring to justice, she threw out that I thought all humans were basically evil. I said that I think all humans are basically selfish. We talked some more and she said that when you act from your heart, not your head, you would never do anything to hurt someone. So I knew she wouldn’t share the mind/belief shattering idea with me.)

So I said good-bye. And walked away thinking about what my concrete beliefs are. The low of my low, the foundation all my theology, life, attitude is based off of. I came up with this:

God is good.

That is the tree trunk of my life, that all my other beliefs are based off of. At least I think. Has it been shaken? I don’t know. I have the rest of my life to find out.

So here is your part. Weigh in. About any of these ideas brought up. What is the fundamental idea of Christianity? Do we have free will or are we predestined? Do you relate our legal system with justice, and how?