Monthly Archives: April 2006

Sunday April 30, 2006

… I curled up and died.

Well not yet, but my brain stopped working due to long weekend and allergies.
Has anyone heard a testimony of someone getting healed of allergies?

Cause I would like to know…

Saturday April 29, 2006

Tonight is Katie’s benefit for African orphans.
Tonight is also Global Night Commute from

Lets see what God can do.

you have always seen the best parts of me

with my uncovered eyes
loose from lenses absorbing light
your hand is wrapped in mine
the sun set for the last time

carpet stains from coffee cups
thrown to stop from hurting so much
paralyzed, I thought I’d fail you somehow
and let you down
but you saved me from death,
awake and alive for the first time
joining as voices sing, together,
the same song

Tuesday April 25, 2006

There must be away. But I don’t know it. Silly NEF files… So big and pretty and stupid extra dialog box… Couldn’t get the actions to work.

So now I have to click a button every 15 seconds.

After all 53 pictures load, then I have to hit ctrl+shift+s and click three times. For every picture. Silly me…

Tuesday April 25, 2006

Glo-o-o-ria I sing your praises.

Okay, it doesn’t sound that good on xanga, but you should here me sing it.

Today was today, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is here.



It needed to be bigger.

Sleep is what I need. That and God.