Sunday April 30, 2006

… I curled up and died.

Well not yet, but my brain stopped working due to long weekend and allergies.
Has anyone heard a testimony of someone getting healed of allergies?

Cause I would like to know…

10 thoughts on “Sunday April 30, 2006

  1. the_Spirit_is_Willing

    i heard tom cruise doesn’t even get a cold. . . but that’s different.  if you find a cure for allergies, let me know. my eyes are about to fall out from itching so much…gory, i know.

  2. IceAngelGA

    DANGIT! Rediscover_the_forgotten stole it before i could even say it…. i guess i should have read through your comments before i posted one of my own. *sigh* oh well. i got to feel clever and original for the space of a minute.

  3. tranquilwater

    I think it could happen. I wonder, have you heard of people’s eyesight being healed…like people that weren’t blind, but almost? I could use that.


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