Monthly Archives: August 2004

Tuesday August 31, 2004

So today was my first day of my only class at school. And boy, is it going to be fun! (I am not sure if that is sarcasm myself.) I have heard that my teacher is one of the most liberal on the campus. So who knows? It could be fun. Oh! I cleaned the most disgusting thing ever today at work. It was the trap under the sink that I have a sinking suspision that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. The mold filleted off the steel. Yah I said filleted, like a fillet, like a side of a fish. It actually looked like cooked trout. The same size too. It smelled like a doctors office crossed with an old salad. Really old salad.
Shalom Out!

P.S. My love, since I don’t have unlimited access to the internet anymore, I am afraid that we will have to schedule our late night meetings.

Monday August 30, 2004

So I am in my house, on my internet, feeling quite proud. Now I am going to go and try to get the internet to connect through the windows connecton manager thing.
Oh, and the post before this was refering to the post before it.

“What is the point in not conforming if it changes you?”

Thursday August 26, 2004

All I have to say is that moving sucks.

Okay that isn’t all I have to say, but that is all I have to say about moving.

So, I snuck in to my parent’s house to go on the internet. (The door was locked but I called my dad and he said it was okay.) When to JS West and they say that they need 200 dollar deposit because I have poor credit. But I don’t. They just said that because I have only had my job for 4 months. The telephone and the electricity didn’t have a problem with my credit. Oh well.

Oh and my deep spiritual thought for this post is;
You know the story of the rich young ruler? Matthew 19:16-30. Most people say that he couldn’t get to heaven because he didn’t want to give away his possesions. He didn’t and that is true. But it seems to me that they focus on the wrong part of the passage. There is this inking, this feeling that there is a part we are missing. Meditate on verse 17. The conversation was over before it was started.