Monthly Archives: January 2011

Second time around

A year ago, I kissed my girlfriend goodbye and pointed my car south. Driving what was familiar for the day, then heading into unknown territory for the next few days, then the rest of the year. It was my first road trip and the start of a new adventure.

Then today, I left with a hug to my friend and driving west. With a view of the fog covered San Joaquin valley in front of me and snow covered mountains in my rearview mirror, some worship on the radio and rolling grass covered hills all around me, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and started thinking about this year and all that has happened.

And I got hopeful for this next year.

With that said, it was a good vacation.

Off the blocks…

… like a runner speeding towards the finish line, I am starting this year.

Well, sort of. Today was, how would I define it… uh… lazy. Today was very lazy. I spent it with some of my best friends playing board games, eating, and playing video games. So sprinting from the starting line  might not be the most accurate analogy, but come next week, I’ll be ready to work on my goal list.

Next week, when I’m home. When I’m back at work. When I’ve done my grocery shopping. Next week. I’ll start next week.

But for now – Here’s some photos from the last adventure I had:

Indie the adventure dog, leading the way across the wilderness to the top of the ridge.


We stopped by The Cave. We didn’t go in this time, but we reminisced about the crazy adventures we had in there.

Andrew the climber, climbing up to The Giant’s Seat. I just went around the face with the dog.

At the base of the ridge, we found ice.


Lots of ice.

Really, really cool ice
(being held by really, really cool Andrew).

Just look at that stuff .

It’s all wrapped around the branches.

It’s amazing.

It encased this leaf.

And it simmers.

We climbed up the cracks and here’s the view that we were rewarded at the top.


Here’s two more pictures from that day. I’ll leave you with them.

Flip flops in the snow

Jof's hiding spot