Monthly Archives: August 2005

Tuesday August 30, 2005

Ooo… Rich text editing… Spiff.
Well I am reading this book and it is really good. I want to see the movie now and compare the two.

Edit: Well I was looking at the help file for Adobe Photoshop and I got scared…

Saturday August 27, 2005

So I am at 35 versus 54… Not bad. I really like the look of the banner add on this page as I am writing this, it says “spit on a pedestrian! Get a FREE LAPTOP!” I think I will try it. I know that I am not going to sign up for all the stuff that they want you to, but I like playing the games. Like shooting the rabbit, or tipping the cows. Hold on while I go and try to peg a pedestrian with some spit…

Really it was, you had to lead the target just a little, so it was a tiny bit challenging.

Why has it only been females that have commented in my Chatterbox?

Well I am off….

Edit: My site meter rocks. It is fun to see all the ip addresses and where people are from when they visit your site.