Monthly Archives: March 2005

Thursday March 31, 2005

Day four, first day of vbs.
vbs, or vacation bible school, pronounced “veb-bis” is really what we bring down to mexico. some other teams bring work projects like building houses but we bring vbs. well moday was whites day, and that was kelly and katie’s group. they did that one story about the son that gets his half of the money from his dad and then goes and squanders it and comes back and the father sees him far off and throws this big party for him and his brother is upset that he doens’t even get a goat. yah, it know the name for the parable, but i don’t know how to spell it and it was just too much effort to go and look it up. the drama we took kids and ‘controlled’ them and made them act the parable out. i was the father. lots of talking. lots of hand gestures. the crafts were making angel wings, i don’t know how that quite fit in, i wasn’t paying attention.
after vbs, we went to pastor’s house again, but much more relaxed for me. not many kids, but we went around his village and passed out flyers to a screening of the ‘the passion’. i gave a lot of piggy back rides to some girls that were a little to big to give piggy back rides to. they were heavy.
the passion went well, it isn’t that fun of a movie to watch, but it is really well done. i could read and understand most of the subtitles. after that some people went to get pray and our interpreter was got drunk in the spirit, but i didn’t know. on the ride home i asked her a normal question, and she looks at me and says my hat looks funny, and proceeds to laugh at it. crazy God. making people go crazy.
well we got back to the tents and we went to sleep.

Tuesday March 29, 2005

so… day three…
day three was sunday. with much excitement and cereal for breakfast, we went to the camp chapel and i was dispointed to see not chris brown but a guy named woody. i don’t remember much about that chapel nor much of any others. we got our nice clothes all packed and collapsed our tents (everyone in the tent city collapses their tents when they leave, it keeps the from being broken from the wind and helps team ezra (security) to be able to see better), hopped in the vans and went to the store. andrew and i were the water guys, it makes us feel important. after we got water, we finally made it to pastor’s church. for one of the first times in nine years that i remember, we where there before pastor was. i looked sexy in my three dollar shirt, at least i think. i saw lupita, she is so cute but all she wants is to have piggy back rides or be spun. after church, we went to pastor’s house and just played with little kids and ate good tacos. i think i ate six or seven.
back at camp we had to plan for our day of vbs for which we would have no time closer to the actual day. practiced our drama and figured out how exactly to do our craft. missed night chapel, and we went to bed.

well, now to now. i got a text message from Nalleli, she misses me. that kind of scares me… okay, it really scares me…

Monday March 28, 2005

day two.
we were planning on a rather late start of about nine o’clock or so, because we needed to get a spare part for the trailer. aparrently a cover blew off on the way here. so dan pulls the trailer out to drive to the shop and manages to run over a fire hydrant. so we waited. and waited. then went to walmart and shopped. then waited some more. cleaned and office and washed a van. then waited. well, after all that waiting was over we managed to get the trailer road worthy and were off. was a pretty straight drive to cuernavaca, the border guy just waved us through (unheard of with two vans, two trailers and a truck, but then again we arrived five minutes before they closed.) and managed to get lost. we got to tent city around ten-ish. the team worked well, and setting up didn’t take that long. then we at pb and j, and i stole a can of pringles for michelle. the we went to bed.

Sunday March 27, 2005

so… day one…
after we loaded in to the vans, we just pointed south and drove. not much happened that i remember, all the girls got their hair put in to those little tiny braids by meghan, a little cover got blown off by the wind. we got to the father’s heart ranch, and had steak for dinner. after that we played pingpong and air hockey. andrew and i invented a game called table tennis lacross. you set up four tables in a dimond and bounce the pingpong ball off them using cups. we all went back to the office where we were going to sleep and talked about employees and careers with james, one of our drivers who owns two businesses. mean while the girls were in a different building making really loud noises.