Tuesday March 29, 2005

so… day three…
day three was sunday. with much excitement and cereal for breakfast, we went to the camp chapel and i was dispointed to see not chris brown but a guy named woody. i don’t remember much about that chapel nor much of any others. we got our nice clothes all packed and collapsed our tents (everyone in the tent city collapses their tents when they leave, it keeps the from being broken from the wind and helps team ezra (security) to be able to see better), hopped in the vans and went to the store. andrew and i were the water guys, it makes us feel important. after we got water, we finally made it to pastor’s church. for one of the first times in nine years that i remember, we where there before pastor was. i looked sexy in my three dollar shirt, at least i think. i saw lupita, she is so cute but all she wants is to have piggy back rides or be spun. after church, we went to pastor’s house and just played with little kids and ate good tacos. i think i ate six or seven.
back at camp we had to plan for our day of vbs for which we would have no time closer to the actual day. practiced our drama and figured out how exactly to do our craft. missed night chapel, and we went to bed.

well, now to now. i got a text message from Nalleli, she misses me. that kind of scares me… okay, it really scares me…

7 thoughts on “Tuesday March 29, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    haha i get the first comment this time! I’m sure you looked sexy in your three dollar shirt. Who the heck is Nalleli?! She’d better back off my man…..

    and great news! looks like a several hour layover in sanfran for me this summer!! πŸ˜€

  2. Ducky1

    you guys are gonna have so much fun!
    to be honest, I didn’t notice your two eprops, but I see them now.
    oh well! it’s gone!
    happy wednesday-eve, andrew.

  3. tranquilwater

    I wonder why I never went to Mexico. I never knew why I wasn’t going I just know I didn’t ever go. God wasn’t shoving me out the door but I don’t really think it would have been against His will for me if I went. Weird. I’ll go someday, though. Glad to hear it went pretty well for you guys, though.


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