Monday March 28, 2005

day two.
we were planning on a rather late start of about nine o’clock or so, because we needed to get a spare part for the trailer. aparrently a cover blew off on the way here. so dan pulls the trailer out to drive to the shop and manages to run over a fire hydrant. so we waited. and waited. then went to walmart and shopped. then waited some more. cleaned and office and washed a van. then waited. well, after all that waiting was over we managed to get the trailer road worthy and were off. was a pretty straight drive to cuernavaca, the border guy just waved us through (unheard of with two vans, two trailers and a truck, but then again we arrived five minutes before they closed.) and managed to get lost. we got to tent city around ten-ish. the team worked well, and setting up didn’t take that long. then we at pb and j, and i stole a can of pringles for michelle. the we went to bed.

3 thoughts on “Monday March 28, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    i will email you…. soon…. wow so much to do! i love the new profile picture. zinger said you let him listen to the retarded message i left on your phone. i left another message saturday. have a good day my fiance!

  2. tranquilwater

    Tent master? That’s a high calling. Don’t take our word for it, see the hop for yourself. Hearing about it doesn’t measure up to the actual experience, anyway.


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