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My Birthday/20 hours so far…

My birthday:

i work up at 10 to 4.

got up at 5

styled my hair all emo

ate a pizza bagel and an odwalla juice


got things set up for reg


took pictures



took orders

ate a cobb salad

rested (2 minutes)

took more orders

learned about the Core 5

took a whole lot of orders

learned more

got some random txts and voicemail messages


set up the stage



played two songs we didn’t practice and I didn’t know the chords for

learned some more

went poo

talked with Lindsey


saw people’s hearts get replaced spiritually

believed that people’s hearts got replaced physically

prayed some more

cleaned up the stage


ordered food

talked with jeremy

wrote post

-food should be soon-

Saturday June 23, 2007

I am in Seattle – tired, but happy.

We got everything done that we needed to get done in just under 7 hours. It was awesome.

Tomorrow all we have to do is clean up the room a little and put on a seminar for six hunderd people.

Jesus, we need you.

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