Monthly Archives: September 2010


I’ve been having crazy dreams lately. They’ve all been long or very full, mixing the silly and mundane with parts that I won’t tell anyone. In fact, every dream I can remember has a part that is just strange and I can tell anyone and a part that is not. Maybe the strange is there to remind me of the other part. What it all means, I haven’t a clue.

Like what does it mean when Lexie Quirie is making a giant pie in the back yard of our office? Not a big, round pie, but a pie dish in the shape of a slice of pie that’s eight feet long? And I really don’t know Lexie that well (I do think she’s pretty cool and wish I had hung out with her and her family more before I moved).

Or what do you make of a dream featuring adults riding heely shoes down my parents driveway when it’s pouring down rain?

Or when your fighting for your life and the lives if every one else in the house and you need someone’s help to finish off the intruders and they are too scared too and are cleaning up the dishes and putting away the food from a taco dinner?

What does it all mean? I should probably lay off the ice cream right before bed.

Or maybe eat more and see how deep we can go…

The waiting…

Don’t you wish life was more like a movie? Where all waiting is is a montage of different scenes?

Like just a shot of a tree going from summer to fall to winter to spring and then back to summer and everything is different. The friends who just met are now best of buds, the the high school sweethearts are now married and have a kid, the new business is thriving.

Or if waiting was like one of those training montages. Maybe a scene with our hero getting beat up with some training machine, then dissolve that into him doing alright with the same machine and the dissolve that into him conquering that machine.

Right now I’m waiting. I’m training. Some days are good and you know that this is all for a reason. Some days are bad and you really just don’t know why you’re even doing this.

And there are days just like today, and you are BORED with all the waiting. You’re tired of all the training and you don’t want to do any of it. The prize seems too far and too much work.

But life is not like a movie and you just have to “do” the waiting thing.

Every. Single. Second.