The waiting…

Don’t you wish life was more like a movie? Where all waiting is is a montage of different scenes?

Like just a shot of a tree going from summer to fall to winter to spring and then back to summer and everything is different. The friends who just met are now best of buds, the the high school sweethearts are now married and have a kid, the new business is thriving.

Or if waiting was like one of those training montages. Maybe a scene with our hero getting beat up with some training machine, then dissolve that into him doing alright with the same machine and the dissolve that into him conquering that machine.

Right now I’m waiting. I’m training. Some days are good and you know that this is all for a reason. Some days are bad and you really just don’t know why you’re even doing this.

And there are days just like today, and you are BORED with all the waiting. You’re tired of all the training and you don’t want to do any of it. The prize seems too far and too much work.

But life is not like a movie and you just have to “do” the waiting thing.

Every. Single. Second.

1 thought on “The waiting…

  1. stefani

    I KNOW! I Know. i know…
    sometimes it feels like the days are passing but time isn’t moving at all and I’ll be in this same place forever, floundering toward my goals which are ever just on the horizon, eventually drowning in my sea of activities and responsibilities. It’s silly and dramatic, but it’s how I feel, so I try to nod to its legitimacy from time to time.


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