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Today’s Sharing (2.29.12)

Last Night’s Dream: I had to run AV for a comedian or something and I didn’t know how to do it.

8:59 AM – My electric kettle isn’t working. Maybe it’ll work later. But right now, I just want some hot water for tea 🙁

9:17 AM – I guess I could just use the microwave, but that just seems so barbaric.

9:51 AM – Why, there IS no mathematics to love and loss…

9:54 AM – Why is it rainy… I really, really wanted to go on a bike ride today. 🙁

10:19 AM – I like creating. I like solving problems. I don’t like fleshing out websites.

10:48 AM – “Mountains, Gandolf. I want to see mountain again.”

11:42 AM – Boredom is horrendous.

1:25 PM – I think Leap Day is by far the best day to get married. You will always have a discussion on when you want to celebrate so you will never forget AND you get a really good reason to have a huge anniversary every four years.

3:57 PM – OH MY FREAKIN’ GOURD! After 14 email chain, talking about the same problem, you’re telling me that the exact same solution that I told you didn’t work in email 1?


Today’s Links:

Grandpa shots a pool – Pretty much what happens. Water everywhere.

Daly Superheroes – See famous people act like little kids. Well, mostly famous people.

What’s in my mouth? – Nina doesn’t know what’s in her mouth. Her mom tell her a bunch of times. It’s like the kid’s on drugs or something.

An Open Letter to Wives – A pretty darn good post about why men like mountain biking.

Thoughts for Today (2.28.12)

Last night’s dream: I was Sherlock Holmes (and/or Batman), and I was married and had a young son. Moriarty also was married and had a young daughter. It was Christmas time and my family went over to Moriarty’s place to celebrate. For some reason both of our very smart kids were going to get married to each other when they were older. Well, it was super awkward and I’m pretty sure they wanted to kill me. Anyway, at the end of the dream, the girl did something bad and Moriarty killed his own daughter.

9:18 AM – I really like my bike.

10:16 AM – I really wish that I could be building out the site on the domain it’s going to launch on…

11:41 AM – What’s a “Manly” meal? What makes a meal more manly than another meal?

12:44 PM – Another $200 to $300 repair for my car? Sure, why not?

3:24 PM – Meetings are fun…

Today’s Sharing (2.23.12)

Thoughts of Today (2.23.12)

Enjoy the following, [user_name],


9:48 Free Redbox! Yes! Totally not going to use it.

11:22 Have I told you that I have a race this weekend? It’s going to be fun, especially since I have a car to get to the race.

11:36 YAY, Dreamweaver crashed!

2:00 I like cold meatloaf.

3:06 I thought I had a super productive lunch earlier: called the mechanic, called the apartment people, collected some money, went to the bank, unloaded the dishwasher, and made some lunches. BUT, I forgot to call my Mom on her birthday at lunch. 🙁

3:08 “Around the World” by Daft Punk has some of the deepest lyrics I’ve ever heard.

3:24 It’s almost 90 today. It’s almost March too…


Today’s Links:

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Today’s Sharing (2.22.12)

Thoughts from today (2.22.12)

Cinnamon and Honey. Who would have known?

Sometimes tea is a bad idea. I’m hungry and hopped up on honey and caffeine.

Today was a great day to eat lunch outside.

Wild Orange + Green tea + Honey = Too hot to tell.

Tea is still too hot! I’m curious and I can’t drink it…

I should start putting times on these… Maybe tomorrow.

Tea is too sweet. That’s what happens when you put all the honey in the first cup and water it down with tea as you go.

When you’re down and sad, just remember this: Marty was a punk rocker.

My mind is going crazy.

I’m going for a ride after work. I want to announce it and ask people if they’d like to join me, but no Facebook… 🙁



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That’s all for today!