Today’s Sharing (2.22.12)

Thoughts from today (2.22.12)

Cinnamon and Honey. Who would have known?

Sometimes tea is a bad idea. I’m hungry and hopped up on honey and caffeine.

Today was a great day to eat lunch outside.

Wild Orange + Green tea + Honey = Too hot to tell.

Tea is still too hot! I’m curious and I can’t drink it…

I should start putting times on these… Maybe tomorrow.

Tea is too sweet. That’s what happens when you put all the honey in the first cup and water it down with tea as you go.

When you’re down and sad, just remember this: Marty was a punk rocker.

My mind is going crazy.

I’m going for a ride after work. I want to announce it and ask people if they’d like to join me, but no Facebook… 🙁



I do this ->

Best trailer for the movie so far ->

Fake David Blaine returns, kinda ->


That’s all for today!

1 thought on “Today’s Sharing (2.22.12)

  1. Kelsey

    What kind of tea would you recommend for the best caffeine kick? I started drinking Green Tea (mostly because of the health benefits), but unfortunately the caffeine part doesn’t seem to really work on me LOL.

    And I miss our photography class, don’t you?!


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