The Point Game

So my room mate and I play a game. I wish it had a better name, but simply it’s called “The Point Game”. As you can tell by it’s name, it’s a game where you get “points”. Now, you get these points by inception. Yes! By putting songs into other people’s heads.

You know how you can just be singing a song and you have no clue where it came from? That’s the game. The points are scored by sticking songs in your head! I can drop a hint, or start singing a song, and if you start singing it, I get a point.

Here are the rules:

  1. Points are awarded to the first person when the second person starts to sing, hum, whistle, or in any other way repeat a lyric or melody of a song (known as Fall) that the first person sung, hummed, whistled, or in anyway mentioned a lyric or melody of the aforementioned song (known as Setup).
  2. Points can only be awarded if the Fall happens on the same day as the Setup.
  3. The Setup is considered null and void if the Setup is performed with musical accompaniment, eg. the song being sung and played played with a guitar.
  4. The Fall must consist of 3 notes or 2 words of the Setup to award points.
This list isn’t complete and is constantly evolving.



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