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9 days

It is strange what you find when you go through every single thing you own. Some of it brings laughs, some of it brings longings, and sometimes even tears. And others you ask yourself, “wtf?”

And sometimes you find things you didn’t even know that you missed it until you see it again. Like my hats!

Like this hat:
Skull Hat
It’s my favorite baseball cap. I bought it when I worked at dodge. It is pretty plan except the flaming skull and crossbones. I thought I was such a rebel, a good christian kid wearing a skull and crossbones. You better stay away from me, I’m dangerous.

My Communist Hat:
Communist China Hat
I just liked it, so I bought it and brought it back to the states. I though I was such a rebel, a good Christian kid wearing a Communist hat… You better stay away from me, I’m dangerous.

And then there is this:
I used it once. You better stay away from me… I’m strange.

How does an urban woman sound when you ask her to secrete language like this cunning individual?

Guys (and Gals), I only have 12 days till I move. 12 days!!! So yesterday I started packing. You know, just to get some of it out of the way (cause I am cool like that). You know there is stuff I am not going to use in 2 weeks, like all my mementos and trinkets and such that takes you 2 hours to go through and pack and throw out. Just anything to make moving day not so much of a moving day…

Anyway, I found the box for my Magnetic words. I got these amazing words for christmas one year. They are not just normal words (as you will see) but supersmart people words that I have not clue what they mean. But I made some really good sentences and I thought I would share them here with you! (Oh, and stay till the end, there is a video!)

  1. How does an urban woman sound when you ask her to secrete language like this cunning individual
  2. Be slathered and feel his beauty
  3. I must make you with you
  4. Some understand character but rue to form will and hence languish
  5. The taut miscreant man festoon’d a nefarious scholar
  6. We know who they are
  7. I am our obtuse book
  8. See my curious lair
  9. Expatiate like platitude endeavoring
  10. Find my veil soon
  11. She usurps a repose
  12. Almost my idea
  13. Why give it more space
  14. And have zeal
  15. Alleviate the vapid influence of self
  16. Use only with cleaver admonition
  17. Every kafkaesque thought
  18. Droll verbose society of herculean sanguine delight
  19. Did he upon mellifluous guile for tantamount vicissitude
  20. Deft gall has no spurn

Okay, that was mostly for me, for having them all written down somewhere. I want to thank everyone who helped me make them (or just made them), like Heather, Stefani, Lindsey, and Steven.


Here’s the promised video:

McRandom Post

I went an adventure. We found a giant cave and explored it. Look how big it is:

And we found a dead cow. Warning! This picture is gross. You can find the rest of the pictures here, in this set: Cave Adventures.

I found this comic, but I don’t think any of you will get it. I’ll share anyway.


It is a really funny website, sometimes really inaproatie, but I find it really funny. They have two shirts want right now.
Watch out for the raptor.

Maybe someone will love me


AND LASTLY! I present to you the best game in the world.

Settlers Of Catan!

Oh My Freakin’ Gourd!

You can download Red Alert for free! This is an amazing game that I used to play when I was younger. Click here.

Anyway, I can finally hear out of my right ear. This morning it just popped, and started draining smelly stuff. But now it is much better and almost to 100%.

Speaking of gross stuff, I made some chili today, and it is a very strange combination of colors. There is browns, whites, blues, light blues, and green. It’s good (and HOT), but strange looking.

I think that’s it for today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some pics about how I made the chili.