9 days

It is strange what you find when you go through every single thing you own. Some of it brings laughs, some of it brings longings, and sometimes even tears. And others you ask yourself, “wtf?”

And sometimes you find things you didn’t even know that you missed it until you see it again. Like my hats!

Like this hat:
Skull Hat
It’s my favorite baseball cap. I bought it when I worked at dodge. It is pretty plan except the flaming skull and crossbones. I thought I was such a rebel, a good christian kid wearing a skull and crossbones. You better stay away from me, I’m dangerous.

My Communist Hat:
Communist China Hat
I just liked it, so I bought it and brought it back to the states. I though I was such a rebel, a good Christian kid wearing a Communist hat… You better stay away from me, I’m dangerous.

And then there is this:
I used it once. You better stay away from me… I’m strange.

5 thoughts on “9 days

  1. Jordan A.

    I think I was with you the only time you used the thing in the bottom picture.
    Ya, you were such a rebel. I mean, skull and crossbones? Andrew…shame on you. Just kidding.
    You are too cool a guy to not be around. I won’t stay away. I’m not afraid of communist Christian rebel kids.

  2. Colleen A.

    What in the name of Sam Fisher is that thing on the bottom? No wait…don’t tell me. You though you were being a rebel.
    Save it. It may come in handy someday.
    When you’re feeling rebelious again.


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