Monthly Archives: April 2005

Friday April 29, 2005

So I house sat, and have to house sit from monday to sunday. and Josh and Andrew are gone so no halo nights. Maybe just steven and I will kick it a week from sat. But for this saturday and sunday I am going to be a miner. Shoveling and moving dirt. Washing it too. Yep awesome. Well pooze out.

Tuesday April 26, 2005

So here I am, typing. Hoping that something cool will appear, but I don’t think i am going to wait for it. Work has been busy. There are so many cute little fourth graders. Today we went on a hike, I think it might have been about a mile or two, but we took three hours to do it. The kids made wagons yesterday (it was like vbs all over again) and to day they had to take them on the “trail to california.” Each mess or group that had a wagon, had to carry their wagon. Four people where the wheels, and two were the oxen. the seventh was a driver and the driver got to have a gun. Well, as you could see it made for very slow going. At the end of the ‘trail’ I could have sworn that it was four o’clock, but alas it was only two. We ended up going gold panning and now I am really tired. I think I will put some time in to write Miriam an email back.