Monthly Archives: December 2013

Break Room Board #1: What is your favorite holiday song


At the office there’s this white board in the break room. It’s just there. It was probably put there to free up some space somewhere else. Anyways, a while ago we decided to erase the 2-year-old meeting notes on the board and put a question. We’ve gone through a couple already, and I thought I’d start sharing them. And hey, YouTube exists so we can listen to all the songs! Continue reading

God and grief

I heard the most outrageous thing. I heard someone say that a 3-month-old served his purpose on Earth and was taken back to Heaven.  The problem I have with that statement is that it makes God out to be kinda a dick. He lets the parents have their son, who fulfills his purpose in 3 months, then the kid is out of there. Sounds great for God and the son, but where does that leave the parents? Did they not love their son? Did they not have hopes and dreams for him when he grew up? Does God not care about the feelings of the parents, siblings, and other family members, just cause He knew better and it’s not His fault the parents loved their son? That is truly a dick move, no matter who’s doing it.

“But Andrew, God is always in control…” Continue reading