Monthly Archives: December 2009

Going back to the West Coast

Homeward bound once again, and once again it shall take me a little longer to get home.

BUT! There’s no hot water there yet. I don’t know if I could do this much longer. Home’s already a cold place, and a place where we can’t do any dishes or take a shower isn’t a home. It’s a third-world prison, with xboxs. And my comfy bed. And all my clothes. But a third world prison with inhuman treatment of the inmates.

On a happier note, I’ve seen the place where I’m going to live. It’s nice. Kind of simple and with very friendly people (and hot water), but it’s lacking somethings important. Like tall trees. Tall mountains. Road signs that make sense. Lindsey. I’m going to make it my goal to fix all these things.

But for now, it’s back to the pines and the snow, and the lack of hot water.

On the Road Again

San José has a pretty nice airport, but the gates can be really, really far from security. I’m probably a half a mile to a mile away from where I had to strip naked and hace a complete stranger riffle through my personal belongings – xray my underwear too! Have the thoroughly investigated the possible health concerns of have irradiated clothing held against some very sensitive organs?

Anyway, I’m going to Texas to try and find a place to live. Sure, I could have been smart and called the Realtor before hand, so they’d have some places lined up for me… but who thinks that far ahead? Me? Nah, I’m the type of guy who had to just call his Art teacher to politely ask her to collect my three paintings and turn them into to herself.

I can’t wait until i can go home and just stay there for a while. Preferably with hot water. We seemed to run out fo propane while I was gone and there wasn’t any hot water when I got home. This might have set a new record for being in civilization and not taking a shower. Three days, from Monday morning to Wednesday night.

I miss my bed. Tuesday night was the only night I got to sleep in ti since the Tuesday night before hand, and I won’t get to sleep in it till Monday night.

Well, the plane is deboarding, I should go!

I am a travelin’ man or “Homeward Bound”

I’m in Denver right now. It’s snowing. It’s snowing at home, it was snowing in Texas, it seems that winter had finally decided to be winter.

This does not bode well for my warmth.

I am flying back from an event in Orlando, we had a three day event there, and that’s a long time to be working. from 8 to midnight all three days. But it was a good event, a lot of people got equipped with the skills they need to make their businesses grow and stay alive during our current economic state. People got set free of things that were hindering them. It was an amazing weekend. And i got lamb! it was delicious but sadly I didn’t get a picture of any of that. Here’s what I did get.


Isa Agape was there, you should check out her new album, as i found out, it’s not a cd…

Up next?

Final day painting – and then going to find a house to live in. In Texas.

More traveling, packing, moving, unpacking, all the while missing Lindsey and still working my day job.

And maybe starting a side project on the… side…

And this was all written on my computer without internet, copy and pasted into the post of the iPhone app for my blog and the photos uploaded using the flickr app. Not easy, but kind of fun.