On the Road Again

San José has a pretty nice airport, but the gates can be really, really far from security. I’m probably a half a mile to a mile away from where I had to strip naked and hace a complete stranger riffle through my personal belongings – xray my underwear too! Have the thoroughly investigated the possible health concerns of have irradiated clothing held against some very sensitive organs?

Anyway, I’m going to Texas to try and find a place to live. Sure, I could have been smart and called the Realtor before hand, so they’d have some places lined up for me… but who thinks that far ahead? Me? Nah, I’m the type of guy who had to just call his Art teacher to politely ask her to collect my three paintings and turn them into to herself.

I can’t wait until i can go home and just stay there for a while. Preferably with hot water. We seemed to run out fo propane while I was gone and there wasn’t any hot water when I got home. This might have set a new record for being in civilization and not taking a shower. Three days, from Monday morning to Wednesday night.

I miss my bed. Tuesday night was the only night I got to sleep in ti since the Tuesday night before hand, and I won’t get to sleep in it till Monday night.

Well, the plane is deboarding, I should go!

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