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Once again with the Art (Artsy-fartsy-ness)

My first painting is DONE! Rejoice, all the world! I have conquered the evil tie!

If you don’t know about the tie, let me introduce you. Beloved reader, meet the evil tie (on the left):

Evil tie, meet the beloved Reader.

Now, since this is my first painting, I am still learning and i can’t make ties bend. Much less ones with such crazy fading and cross hatching. The tie was a bad idea to include in my first painting. Now that I think about it, everything else in that painting sucked. Way to much detail and words and different colors.

That’s why I chose this as my next still life:

I hope it will be easier.

But I know all you are waiting for me to unveil the completed painting, so here it is:

Yeah, I know, you guys love me and think it’s great, but here’s the painting from the girl that shared my still life:

But I have greater plans for my next one! See its auspicious beginning!

Art explosion!

I think I might have a problem this semester. Or as Steven so eloquently put it, “great potential for growth.” My painting teacher wants me to paint what I see by painting how I feel it. My drawing teacher wants me to draw EXACTLY what I see. No interpertation, the angles must be perfectly correct. So I am just wondering how I am not going to go crazy through all of this.

On a related subject, I have an updated picture of how far my painting is coming along. Don’t laugh, it’s about six hours in on my first painting. I still need some more time to paint the details in, bit so far it’s pretty fun.

Don’t make fun of me

I’m exausted and in a moment of weakness I’ve decided that it would be a great idea to share with you my first painting so far. Just remember this is my FIRST painting. I don’t think I’ve painted in over 12 years, and never with oil paints. Remember, never painted before:

photo 2

I ran today for the first time in two months, that’s why my head is all messed up.

I’m going to bed…