Monthly Archives: January 2014

Break Room Board #3: If you were a dinosaur, what type of car would you eat?


One that has been T-boned…
A bus full of tasty children
probably the Oscar Mayer Hot Dog car
Hummer ~ they’re good for nothing else!
VW Beetle – they bug me
Smart cars… b/c they’re stupid 🙂
A Schwann’s food truck
A racecar from Wreck-It Ralph
a Fiat! I <3 Italian food
Your mom’s car
1975 Lincoln Town car
Limo – Subway sandwich of cars
Scion XB (Big Mac of cars)

The Journey of an Expat: 4 years later

4 years ago, I moved from a small town in the mountains of California and arrived in a small town in Texas. And a few days later, I wrote a very eloquent blog post about it. A bit heavy on the rhetorical devices, but good none the less.

In the last 4 years, I’ve met and lost some good friends only to get some more. I found new passions in life and new people to enjoy them with. I’ve really put some roots down and my Dad and step-mom even came to visit me. I became debt free, became a home owner, and now have a mortgage and debt again. I’ve learned a lot, grown as a human, and I’m now almost an adult.

It has been a good 4 years. I’m excited what the next four years will bring. This year, I have to say, is going to bring fruit wines.