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The Cure for the Pain

“I’m not sure why it always goes downhill
Why broken cisterns never could stay filled
I’ve spent ten years singing gravity away
But the water keeps on falling from the sky…”

The world is small, but I won’t want to paint it. And I don’t have a lot of stuff till I try to move it all.  But move it all I must, I’m not sure it would be all that great or nice for/to my landlord to just move half of my stuff and leave the other half there. So move it all I must. All of today, it’s been “I’m almost done, there is nothing left to move” then I just walk around the corner and the kitchen, full of my food and kitchen stuff.

The good news is that I’m leaving quite a bit of my stuff packed and left in storage.

Packing also lets you find all sorts of stuff that you’ve completely forgot about, or at least forgot you put it away there. Like my prints from last year. I am so glad to find them, and while I’m not going to put them up in this house, I do want to never ever lose them or have them get damaged. Some of them are really good, and some not so much, but I love them all.

So, more of this random, ADD post about moving (and possessions), my new room is larger than my old one. I think there’s even room for a love seat or something. I might get one, or I might remember that I’m moving in 4 months and find a home for my snowboards. And my fish tanks.

I still need to figure out what to do with my big fish tank. Right now it’s all set up and running with fish in it, but I still haven’t asked if I could move it over here. And what if they say no? Then what? I only have tomorrow to figure this out… It’s weighting a little heavy on me. And when that’s added to the moving unsettledness and my missing of Lindsey, it makes for a sad, stressed mess of me.

But it’s all good. School starts on Monday. I hope it’s as amazing as I’d like it to be.

Update or “Life and stuff”

My dad was telling me about a show he watched. I don’t know if you have heard of a show by Penn and Teller, but they go around proving stuff we’ve all been taught and try to prove it wrong. It’s a pretty frank look at things like deforestation, and such. Not always right, but not always wrong. And what they talked about on the episode my dad was talking about was stress.

Stress doesn’t exist.

So the idea is that stress is just depression, depression that you can’t keep up with everything that you have to do.

Anyway on an unrelated topic, Lindsey gone at school, I’ve been packing to move next door, School starts on the 31st, and I am moving to Texas in January.

New bike picture:

And this guy looks like Ferris Buller:

Come on!

So the weekend hasn’t started as smoothly or comfortably as one could hope. Nothing big or crazy, just some little personal issues that I have to use my much neglected… “suck it up and don’t complain” muscle.

It’s fun.

I swear.

Okay, but at least it’s good for me.

Now for the most pressing need, I have a meeting in a few hours (9), should I sleep 6-7 hours and get up and run? Or just sleep the whole time?

Hyatt, this is not tea. This is coffee. Coffee = bad. Tea = good. You know this. Fix it.

“Wake up child…”

“… It’s your turn to shine, you were born for such a time as this…”

Life. I have one. And it’s getting much too complex lately. Let’s start with what’s the soonest:

1. Lindsey is going to Berkeley. My beloved girlfriend is going to one of the best schools for the next two years. So I am trying to spend as much time with her as I can. But it’s not as much as I would like since on Thursday I am leaving to go to Chicago for work till Monday. Then she’s moving that Tuesday. So I really only have two more days with her. I’m going to miss her but I am happy that she is off doing what she wants to be doing. I’m just going to have to work on my phone skills.

2. I have to move. I started this year with three roommates. The first one left to go to Belize and then into central America. That left me and Steven to cover the rent. Thank God we had such an awesome landlord that let us just pay our share of the rent and not have us pay for Jordan’s share. BUT Steven’s found a different (read: better) place to stay, and I have to move out.

So far we are at my girlfriend moving away and needing a place to live all in the rest of this month.

3. Moving to Texas. The company I work for has opened a position for me in Texas to work. Normally I wouldn’t even think about it, but 1 and 2 have changed my life quite a bit. There are pros and cons bouncing around in my head like a multi-puck game of air hockey and I might get to that later in this post. But now to the next point.

4. School. I am taking some classes this semester at our local jc. Art. All of it is art and all are classes for my major. I’m taking eight units of taking something I see and placing it on paper. Beginning painting, beginning freehand drawing, and landscape photography. The painting and te drawing are going to be different for me, but I am kind of excited to see what I can do with them. The landscape photograph is something that I kind of do already but I want to see what more I can learn.

So that’s what’s going on in my life. And since I’m the type of person who loves to plan and figure thing out, I have the major things down. But it’s all those little thing that get my stressed out; little things like packing, what am I going to do with my fish, can I move in Janurary so I can finish my school, so on and so forth.

Keep me in your prayers, and yes, the triathlon is still on. I just need to train more…