Monthly Archives: June 2009


I ran, I biked, I swam.

And managed to bicycle kick my bicycle. Or judo threw. Or crashed really bad, wrapped my legs around the handle bars, and launched bike another ten feet down the trail.

In the famous words of Nacho, “It’s the best.”

Best. Burrito. Ever.

I had the best burrito I’ve had last night. From a grocery store. For 7 bucks.

I was with Lindsey and her parents checking out apartments in Berkley (She’s attending Cal in the fall), and we stopped for dinner at a Whole Foods. I was a little wary since I’m a cheap shopper guy, and Whole Foods is a not cheap chain of stores, but man, their burritos were off the hook!

Flour tortilla, Cilantro Pesto Rice, Pinto beans, Chicken, Medium salsa, Cheese, Lettuce, Onions, Tomatoes, and Jalapenos.
Oh my! Was it good.

In other news, I woke up today to find that the Stove/oven didn’t have power. I didn’t think much of it and went on my bike ride (Very short ride, only 7 miles – I wasn’t feeling up for a longer one). I got back, and wanted to cook some food. I used my lighter to light the burner and opened the fridge, and lo and behold, the fridge is on the same circuit.

After a call to my landlord and flipping on and off and on all the breakers, it still didn’t work.

Long story short, a GFI plug (like the ones that you have in the bathroom) was tripped and shut down the whole circuit.

And to think my landlord shocked himself working on it.

Near, far, Up, and all around…

As evening fell, a maiden stood
At the edge of a wood.
In her hands lay the reins
Of a stallion.
And ne’er I’d seen a girl as fair,
Heard a gentler voice anywhere.
Whispered, “Alas…”
She belonged, belonged to another–
Another forever.
Yes, she belonged to
the twilight and mist.

(I’ve had that song, well, the melody, stuck in my head for a while)

The Near
18: Run 2 laps, 2.5 miles, 30:15 minutes. Walk/Jog 120/90 seconds. It was my fastest time so far. It’s annoying how slow I go when I’m walking, I got this quick cause I did more jogging than I was supposed to.

20: Bike ride. But more of that in the far.

21: Run 2 laps, 2.5 miles, 30:37 minutes. Walk/Jog 120/90 seconds. Slower, but it was easier to jog for the 90 seconds.

24: Bike 6 laps, 7.5 miles, 38:48 minutes. Fastest lap was around 5:40 or so. I was much impressed, but then the next lap was slower, like 8 minutes. All and all,  6:41 average time per lap. 11.6 miles an hour. That means it would take me, oh, forever to go 16 miles.

25: Run 2 laps, 2.5 miles, 30:17 minutes. Walk/Jog 90/90 + 180/180. Yeah, I was confused too. I had to read it four or five times before I understood what exactly it said. 3 minutes is a LOOOOONG time to jog.

The Far

The bike ride alluded to above was amazing. I rode uphill for four miles or so, then went on a 7 mile downhill mountain bike trail, complete with scenic detour (read: lost).  The views were amazing and the trail was pretty scary.

Father’s day I went fishing and caught this. Yep, that’s right, it’s a 17″ rainbow trout. It was pretty fun to be fishing again. And a blast to be out there with some amazing Dads I know.

The Up

It was a movie. A good movie. And pretty darn awesome in 3D, and with some great company. It was well worth the trip and the $14.50 I didn’t pay. But I would have, I swear!

Web Web, World would…

15: I was supposed to run, but I didn’t. I relaxed, and nursed my sore legs.

17: Bike 7 laps, 8.75 miles, 48 minutes. It’s the fastest I’ve done 7 laps. I was really tired around lap 3 or 4, and thought about calling it early. But I pressed on and ended up made my fastest time around the loop – 6 minutes. That’s a whole 51 seconds faster than the average. (Sidenote: This math is killing me, having to worry about seconds vs decimals, and factoring in the fact that a lap does NOT equal a mile. My head explauded, and exploded again).

I downloaded and the uploaded a “cloud computing solution” to my domain, and I was having fun playing around with it, until I opened a web browser. It was just a little strange, a web browser on an OS, run through a web browser on an OS… I bet if I navigated to the login through the web web browser, the world would end.

End of the world