Monthly Archives: June 2009

June 13 and 14: Bike, Run, Shoot.

13: Bike to the top, 9 miles, 139 minutes. Only 5 short breaks. That was 80 minutes or so uphill with a 15 minute ride down. 15 minutes is a long time downhill. I got tired…

14: Run 2 laps, 2.5 miles, 31 minutes. Walk/Jog 90/60 seconds. I am going to change this pattern on thurdsay. I can’t decided which would be better, changing midweek or at the start of a new week.

One of my good friends from my youth group days got married Sunday. It was an amazing wedding and a spectacular reception, and I got to take pictures.

Here are some of the older ones of Katie I have:
Katie with hat

Vikki, Katie, and Estelita

Here are some of her wedding:

June 12th

Run 2 laps, 2.5 miles, 33 minutes. Walk/Jog 90/60 seconds

I took it much slower today (I did run yesterday, and swam over 1,000 yards today). It was kind of neat though, going slower. I was pretty tired by the time my jog interval was done but the rest interval seemed too long. And it was really cool that more towards the end, the more it seemed that I could just jog for longer.

Oh yeah, the last 9 minutes of the 33 was me walking after my intervals were down, just to cool down. Since I don’t know how far I’ve actually run, I’ll just keep going two laps. Hopefully, it will keep getting quicker until I add the third or fourth lap. 😀

I’m tired

Yesterday was along day. I went on a nice bike ride, pretty chill, but about three miles uphill. I really need to start picking up the intensity of my training and work out. Running – why can’t it be easier?

Anyway, after the ride I started son work on my car. Nothing big, just four little things that I have been putting off.
1. Recharge my A/C
2. Change a foglight bulb
3. Put on my reg sticker
4. Hook up my sub

1. A/C recharge.
This should have been an easy fifteen minute job that took about an hour. It might have been my inability to understand the directions, but I managed to get it charged. Overfilled at first but I bleed it down to be the right amount.

2. Foglight bulb.
I fixed it, after about fortyfive minutes. There was this little metal twisted thing that I had a hard time with.

3. Reg sticker.
The only easy thing I did. I should have done it back in February when I got the sticker.

4. Sub.
It’s been disconnected since when I had my cars body work done. It’s just been in my trunk sabatoging my gas milage without making my system sound better. The hole somehow got to big for the hole so I wrapped the ground wire around the screw. I only got one trip out of it before it stopped working again. I need to think of a better way to ground it, maybe a bolt and nut.

After all that was done I showered and went to my girlfriend’s sisters’ graduation. One was graduating from eight grade and the other one from high school. Plus a good friend was graduating at the same time. A short graduation, but two nonstop parties from 3 till 10 with more food than anyone could eat. I was so stuffed, tired, and dehydrated when it was all over. I was planning on running this morning before church, but was just too tired.

Today, I’m going to go to a lake and hopefully swim in open water for the first time. Wish me luck.