Monthly Archives: April 2011


Full day today.

Went to work early.

Spent my lunch taking care of grown up things. I got a citation the other day for expired inspection of my car. I took care of that fast on Friday, but today I had to get my license and get the citation taken care of. So I went to the DPS and they told me what I need. So I went home, tore my house apart to find my social security card and my registration receipt for my car. Filled out the application. Went to the bank cause they only take cash. Went back to the DPS and now there was a line. Waited, did everything, then left. Then I went to the wrong courthouse. Then I went to the right courthouse. I paid twenty dollars and went back to work.

After work went on a bike ride.

Filmed some bike riding action.

Came home. Cooked. Did laundry. Watched a movie. Made a video. Wrote a blog post. Wrote another blog post.

Now for my favorite part: sleep!

Destiny and Belonging

Today was good. Today was really good. Today was really, really good.

Today was the first conference of our school. We had about 40 people there and it just went really well. I got rocked by the speaker and I know others did too. At the end there was some ministry time and I gave my first word in front of a crowd. It’s was nerve racking and good all at the same time.

After that, I went to a friend’s house for a BBQ. And it brought back so many memories. It was full of people who only spoke Spanish and I was reliving mission trips to Mexicali. It just felt so good and so right.

Then to end the night with a phone call to my lovely mother just was the icing on the cake.

State of Affairs

I came on here to write about how application is so important, but then I saw that my last (last real) blog post was about that. So I’m just going to wing it.

Life is different. I would say sucky, but that would nullify the good that’s been going on. This week I’ve gone on two bike rides and they both were amazing. I’ve found a group of guys that ride mountain bikes regularly and I really look forward to relearning that. I am excited about getting a new bike and taking it to CA this summer and riding with my friends.

Schools been amazing and I just really love God. I just want to spend my days aware of his presence and just get drunk at work, but I just forget that being in his presence is something that I can do.

[A quick side note: the word “but” is a very mean word. If you use it to join two clauses, it basically says “everything I said before doesn’t count and this is what I really mean”. Just FYI.]

Walking out the life style of a revivalist is quite difficult. I struggle in wavering with the knowledge that God knows me and chose me and is crazy-in-love with me, much less realize that He feels that way about people on the street, and harder yet, people I work with.

People that have annoyed me.

People who have hurt me.

People I see every day.

There is just an easy of when your talking to someone who is nice and friendly on the street and you know you’re never going to see them again. Praying isn’t as scary, and if a healing doesn’t happen, it’s much easier to let it slide.

Life is just different now. The group of friends that I had this time last year, aren’t the friends that I’m hanging out with now. I just have different goals and a different future (and that’s not just some excuse or lie that I’m telling myself to cover up some hurt). Restoring relationships is hard, but I think it would be unwise to just throw out something that I’ve invested so much time in. The relationship is still fixable, and I’m working on it.

It’s just that it’s flippin’ hard. But I’m not giving up, it’ll take some time.

Now pardon me, as I’m going to go spend some time with God.