Full day today.

Went to work early.

Spent my lunch taking care of grown up things. I got a citation the other day for expired inspection of my car. I took care of that fast on Friday, but today I had to get my license and get the citation taken care of. So I went to the DPS and they told me what I need. So I went home, tore my house apart to find my social security card and my registration receipt for my car. Filled out the application. Went to the bank cause they only take cash. Went back to the DPS and now there was a line. Waited, did everything, then left. Then I went to the wrong courthouse. Then I went to the right courthouse. I paid twenty dollars and went back to work.

After work went on a bike ride.

Filmed some bike riding action.

Came home. Cooked. Did laundry. Watched a movie. Made a video. Wrote a blog post. Wrote another blog post.

Now for my favorite part: sleep!

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