Five or six little birdies

At church today, the kids were all excited about some swallows. A pair of swallows made a nest with three little chicks, cute as can be, just outside the door where everyone can see them. Every minute or two, a parent would come swooping in like a bullet, would hover for a second, depositing food into the chirping mouths of its offspring before rocketing back out for more. It was quite entertaining and a treat to see.

When I was in my car driving away, I started to hear some funny noises. I stopped at the end of the driveway and looked in my back seat, and what do I find, but some other type of bird in my car. I’ve never had a bird trapped in my car before. I don’t know what it was doing there, the windows weren’t cracked much, and it was probably very warm from being parked in the sun all morning. So I opened all the windows and doors and chased it out.

But that got me thinking. God likes talking. He’s always talking. And sometimes he talking in unusual circumstances and coincidences.

So birds, eh?

And just writing this down, I’m remembering that the passage that we read in church today mentioned birds briefly.

So here I am. God, I hear you speaking, I just am trying to figure out what you’re saying.

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  1. Patrick Atkins

    Haha, that is pretty funny! But you are right the LORD is always speaking! I am taking Kris V’s prophetic class and that is one of the things we just went through…how the LORD speaks through His creation. Let me know if you get any more revelation on this 🙂


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