Web Web, World would…

15: I was supposed to run, but I didn’t. I relaxed, and nursed my sore legs.

17: Bike 7 laps, 8.75 miles, 48 minutes. It’s the fastest I’ve done 7 laps. I was really tired around lap 3 or 4, and thought about calling it early. But I pressed on and ended up made my fastest time around the loop – 6 minutes. That’s a whole 51 seconds faster than the average. (Sidenote: This math is killing me, having to worry about seconds vs decimals, and factoring in the fact that a lap does NOT equal a mile. My head explauded, and exploded again).

I downloaded and the uploaded a “cloud computing solution” to my domain, and I was having fun playing around with it, until I opened a web browser. It was just a little strange, a web browser on an OS, run through a web browser on an OS… I bet if I navigated to the login through the web web browser, the world would end.

End of the world

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