Come on!

So the weekend hasn’t started as smoothly or comfortably as one could hope. Nothing big or crazy, just some little personal issues that I have to use my much neglected… “suck it up and don’t complain” muscle.

It’s fun.

I swear.

Okay, but at least it’s good for me.

Now for the most pressing need, I have a meeting in a few hours (9), should I sleep 6-7 hours and get up and run? Or just sleep the whole time?

Hyatt, this is not tea. This is coffee. Coffee = bad. Tea = good. You know this. Fix it.

1 thought on “Come on!

  1. Lindsey

    The suspense is killing me, what did you choose??? Run or sleep?

    Oh, and tea is not always good, just like coffee is not always bad.


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