Today’s Sharing (2.29.12)

Last Night’s Dream: I had to run AV for a comedian or something and I didn’t know how to do it.

8:59 AM – My electric kettle isn’t working. Maybe it’ll work later. But right now, I just want some hot water for tea 🙁

9:17 AM – I guess I could just use the microwave, but that just seems so barbaric.

9:51 AM – Why, there IS no mathematics to love and loss…

9:54 AM – Why is it rainy… I really, really wanted to go on a bike ride today. 🙁

10:19 AM – I like creating. I like solving problems. I don’t like fleshing out websites.

10:48 AM – “Mountains, Gandolf. I want to see mountain again.”

11:42 AM – Boredom is horrendous.

1:25 PM – I think Leap Day is by far the best day to get married. You will always have a discussion on when you want to celebrate so you will never forget AND you get a really good reason to have a huge anniversary every four years.

3:57 PM – OH MY FREAKIN’ GOURD! After 14 email chain, talking about the same problem, you’re telling me that the exact same solution that I told you didn’t work in email 1?


Today’s Links:

Grandpa shots a pool – Pretty much what happens. Water everywhere.

Daly Superheroes – See famous people act like little kids. Well, mostly famous people.

What’s in my mouth? – Nina doesn’t know what’s in her mouth. Her mom tell her a bunch of times. It’s like the kid’s on drugs or something.

An Open Letter to Wives – A pretty darn good post about why men like mountain biking.

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