Thoughts for Today (2.28.12)

Last night’s dream: I was Sherlock Holmes (and/or Batman), and I was married and had a young son. Moriarty also was married and had a young daughter. It was Christmas time and my family went over to Moriarty’s place to celebrate. For some reason both of our very smart kids were going to get married to each other when they were older. Well, it was super awkward and I’m pretty sure they wanted to kill me. Anyway, at the end of the dream, the girl did something bad and Moriarty killed his own daughter.

9:18 AM – I really like my bike.

10:16 AM – I really wish that I could be building out the site on the domain it’s going to launch on…

11:41 AM – What’s a “Manly” meal? What makes a meal more manly than another meal?

12:44 PM – Another $200 to $300 repair for my car? Sure, why not?

3:24 PM – Meetings are fun…

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