Saturday August 27, 2005

So I am at 35 versus 54… Not bad. I really like the look of the banner add on this page as I am writing this, it says “spit on a pedestrian! Get a FREE LAPTOP!” I think I will try it. I know that I am not going to sign up for all the stuff that they want you to, but I like playing the games. Like shooting the rabbit, or tipping the cows. Hold on while I go and try to peg a pedestrian with some spit…

Really it was, you had to lead the target just a little, so it was a tiny bit challenging.

Why has it only been females that have commented in my Chatterbox?

Well I am off….

Edit: My site meter rocks. It is fun to see all the ip addresses and where people are from when they visit your site.

5 thoughts on “Saturday August 27, 2005

  1. painted_lady

    Okay Andrew, what the heck is this-are you is some sort of CULT communication group???? Is this the only way I’m going to be able to visit with you? IceAngelGA is right …it’s not nice to spit on people, free computer or not! Laine hooked me up with this method of communication to you. She is here this weekend VISITING her mother. Any word on when you might do the same? I hope you’re well, You know I love ya… Call me when your done at church today. Love your momma


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