Friday August 26, 2005

So I was setting down for a long shift of doing dishes, when Casey tells me that he is going to need my help on the ropes course. I didn’t want to do it. I grumbled. I tried to get out of it. I just basically had the wrong attitude about it. I was told I had to, and that at 2:30 I would have to go up there. I really wanted nothing more than to stay on top of the dishes so I could go home at a decent hour, and I was now going to have to leave the dishroom for three hours unattended. Well, in the dishroom I realized that I have been having the wrong attitude, and well it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yeah, I did get out of work an hour later than normal, but what was my complaining attitude doing?

6 thoughts on “Friday August 26, 2005

  1. la_rosa24

    of course you are my friend already. but there’s reassurance that if i didn’t know you until now, that I would want to be your friend. is that confusing?

  2. Passive_Spastic

    You bad complainer you!  Oh I dunno, I hate it when you realize that it is your own problem and no one else’s, no one to blame and then you realize you were looking for someone to blame and there is no one, I hate that. 

  3. Thecuteness101

    Hi Andrew! Its Kelly… I left a message on your space. I like xanga better, too. I just wanted to say hi… Its cool that you at least saw you had a bad attitude… cause now you can do something about it, ya know? theres a step up, not a step down.



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