Tuesday August 30, 2005

Ooo… Rich text editing… Spiff.
Well I am reading this book and it is really good. I want to see the movie now and compare the two.

Edit: Well I was looking at the help file for Adobe Photoshop and I got scared…

7 thoughts on “Tuesday August 30, 2005

  1. Calvin_Darge

    I really want to see how the movie is. I watched the first part and all the good part of the book is in the second half, like cyclops, and the battle of the augmenteds.

  2. la_rosa24

    cyclops is in that book? or am i confused again? i can’t remember where i last heard “that’s so fetch” but IceAngelGA- you are awesome for bringing it up after all these years.

  3. IceAngelGA

    it’s from the movie “Mean Girls”. which i would not recommend watching. it sucks.
    just when you said “spiff” it reminded me of “fetch”. they mean basically the same thing but don’t watch mean girls.


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