Thursday September 1, 2005

Destiny. Does it come easy? Everywhere I see stories of heroic men, of great men, they struggled with what they knew, of what they saw. What is it about the reluctant messiah that attracts people attention?  Or is it that we all know deep down that the right thing to do isn’t the one that is the easiest? And that we all deep down know that if we could we would follow the path of least resistance? But know that for society, for the future, for the greater good, the must lay their wants down?
Destiny. Does it come easy? The bad guys, the ones in contrast. The ones that want, the ones that take, the ones that believe their own lies. They aren’t statisfied with living a normal life, they dream of greatness. The devote their lives to the cause, to their dreams, risking everything they have just to get it. They too know that for society, for the future, for the greater good, they too must lay their wants down.
Destiny. Is it only a few men, the good and the bad, that change our world? And if you change the world do you have to lay everything down?

2 thoughts on “Thursday September 1, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    i didn’t get to talk to you today either. or yesterday. i guess it’s yesterday now. what magazine do you want to subscribe to? maybe it could win you a trip to europe with me.


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