Monday May 22, 2006

The best vegetable in the whole world.  I say that about almost every single one, but I say that about this one the most.

I think that will be it. What are your opinions about artichokes?

19 thoughts on “Monday May 22, 2006

  1. amethyst10987

    I think that artichokes taste ok. (I could probably get used to them – if I ate them with any semblance of regularity. It’s been years since I tried them.) I also think that one has to treat them with great care and respect so as not to damage their tender hearts.

  2. Ducky1

    I like artichokes.
    but there has ALWAYS been a loving place in my heart for broccoli.
    I also like green beans, grape tomatoes, and asparagas!
    I haven’t had artichokes in a long time.
    now I want some… hmm…

  3. BlissfulDiscontent

    I’ll only date and then marry a guys who shares my beliefs on those topics, but all in God’s time. That is the hard part, waiting on God’s time. As for artichokes, I had them once and didn’t like them, but I also used to not like pistachios and asparagus and now I do. *shrugs* Try it yourself my friend. Personally, I like carrots, brocolli and various salad greens.

  4. Ducky1

    good church contacts of contacts?

    teaching job contacts of contacts?

    needing a (or another) roommate contact of contacts?

    none of those actually HAVE to be in Oakland.
    Oakland is just where I’m starting.
    where my aunt’s friend lives.


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