Saturday May 27, 2006

Since I have been house sitting since wend. night, I haven’t been home. I missed my computer.
Only cause it has the internet. My other one has Lost on it though. It is grand. The second season is like wow. My Mom is buying me the second season for my birthday, which is rather funny, since it doesn’t come out until like four months after my birthday. Oh I read the lion witch and wardrobe. That is a rather short book. Hmm… I got a grad invit from someone I can’t remember who they are. Sad. I know I have some family up there. I think my step cousin’s daught is who it is. But I can’t remember. Silly me. Well Now is a good time to go and throw some sticks around.

7 thoughts on “Saturday May 27, 2006

  1. Ducky1

    that profile picture… I do that at the beach. the drag your toes in the sand thing.
    I haven’t gone for a good walk there in a long time though.
    that picture makes me want to go.


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